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Window Cleaning

Acorshe Window Cleaning

"First impressions count and one of the first things people notice about a business or building is the cleanliness of the glass. This is often a “reflection” of the attitude of the business or building owner. Professional window cleaning is not a case of spraying on a window cleaner and wiping off with a cloth. Professional window cleaning involves the use of professional equipment and also knowing how to use it effectively."

Window Cleaning Tools of Trade

Firstly is the choice of correct detergent. Not all detergents are equal and modern window cleaning solutions are designed for that specific purpose. No grandma’s secret recipes here. A professionally manufactured window cleaning detergent is designed to be low sudsing. This prevents detergent bubbles blowing over already cleaned glass or onto floors creating a slip hazard. It also must remain on the glass long enough to squeegee off effectively, cut through grime and grease, provide low friction and finally allow for streak free evaporation.

Another critical tool is the squeegee. Poor quality equipment will provide poor quality results. The Acorshe window cleaning team only use equipment recognised as the best by professional window cleaners the world over. This ensures that you receive exceptional results every time.

Acorshe High Rise Window Cleaning

Acorshe’s Window Cleaning Capabilities

For large commercial sites such as high rise buildings, Acorshe engage a team of high access specialists accredited in the use of elevated work platform and abseiling methods. Acorshe’s professional window cleaning and abseiling teams can clean a store front or an entire high rise building. For professional window cleaning the choice is clear... Acorshe.