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Exit & Bond Cleaning

Acorshe Exit and Bond Cleaning

"Ensure you’re tenure is remembered for all the right reasons by leaving a great impression on exit. The Acorshe Exit Clean team know that high attention to detail will impress property managers and enable you to receive a maximum return on your bond. From dusting and polishing, wall and ceiling cleaning, carpet and hard floor cleaning, window and glass cleaning, pressure washing and even pest control."

What is involved in Exit & Bond Cleaning?

Our bond cleaning team specialise in providing real attention to detail, going beyond simply surface cleaning to ensure your premises receives a true “deep” clean. Key areas such as removing scuff marks from walls, cleaning the staining that typically builds up around light switches and door handles, polishing kick plates and door vents, ensuring air conditioning vents are free of dust and build up. Skirtings are cleaned to ensure they are dust free, any cob webs are removed and existing furniture is thoroughly cleaned. Phones are cleaned and disinfected.

Acorshe Exit and Bond Cleaning

In wet areas, staining to tiles and porcelain is removed to the extent possible, mirrors and stainless steel are polished and all surfaces are disinfected leaving bathrooms fresh and hygienic. Kitchens are another key area. Sinks and taps are polished, cupboard faces, tops and benches are cleaned thoroughly to ensure no staining or dust and the insides of cupboards and draws receive attention.

Why Use Acorshe's Exit & Bond Cleaning Service?

The exit and bond cleaning specialists at Acorshe will have your home, office or building looking better than when you moved in. In fact, many clients engage Acorshe to service their new premises before they move in to ensure their new work environment is immaculate right from start-up.